Cultivating Resilience with The Climate Listening Project

The Cultivating Resilience Video Series
In May 2015, Laura teamed up with producer Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project and film maker Andrea Desky of K23 Media to create a series of video shorts that teach about agricultural resilience through the adaptation stories of some of the farmers and ranchers featured in Laura's new book, Resilient Agriculture. We released the first of six planned videos in the Cultivating Resilience series - the Southeast - in September 2015. We have started on the second video which will feature Resilient Agriculture farmers and ranchers in the Northern Great Plains region, but we have run out of funding. We are actively seeking financial support to continue the series. Can you help?

Cultivating Resilience: The Southeast

Like many farmers across the country, farmers in the Southeast have experienced a number of changes in weather over the last decade or so.  Warmer winters, hotter summers, more variable spring and fall seasons, more drought and more weather extremes have complicated farm management.  Livestock producer Will Harris, White Oak Pastures in GA, dairyman Tom Trantham, Happy Cow Creamery in SC, and vegetable grower Ken Dawson, Maple Spring Gardens in NC talk about some of the changes in weather that they have experienced on their farms and the climate resilience benefits of high soil quality, diversified production systems, and high value diversified marketing.

A big thank you to the Natural Resources Defense Council for providing funding for this video.  Many thanks also to Will, Tom, Ken, their families, and their employees for their good cheer while putting up with our many requests, additional takes, and odd questions and for taking such good care of us while we were working on their farms!  And thanks to Dayna Reggero of the Climate Listening Project and Andrea Desky of K23 Media for giving their time and many talents to this project!

Innovation and Resilience
North Carolina vegetable grower Ken Dawson tells how good-natured competition sparks innovations that enhance climate resilience.
Sustainability and Climate Resilience
Southeastern farmers talk about changes in weather and how soil quality, biodiversity and high-value markets enhance the climate resilience of their farms.
Farming Traditions and Community Resilience
Georgia livestock farmer Will Harris talks about industrialization and the community resilience benefits of pasture-based livestock production.

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