Through Cultivating Resilience LLC, Laura offers ecosystems-based climate resilience planning

and management services to private business, government, and non-profit organizations. Laura uses best management practices and leading edge analytical and planning tools to help you assess climate change vulnerability and discover no-regrets adaptation pathways that cultivate resilience to the uncertainties created by more variable weather and more frequent and intense extreme weather events associated with a changing climate.

Laura brings to this work more than 30 years of experience as a federal researcher and policy-maker, community activist and educator focused on the sustainability and resilience of farming and food systems.

She has consulted with non-profit and for profit businesses, led the development of innovative adaptive management policies for college campuses, and led research and development of sustainable decision tools for farm-based businesses. She has expertise in the development and delivery of interdisciplinary curriculum in adaptive planning, systems thinking, sustainability and resilience management practices.

Laura’s location in Asheville, NC, the home of NOAA’s National Centers for Environmental Information, the Climate Collider, and the National Environmental Modeling and Analysis Laboratory, her experience as a contributor to the 3rd National Climate Assessment, and her affiliations with Fernleaf Interactive, the North Carolina State University’s Center for Environmental Farming Systems, and ASAP’s Local Food Research Center allows her to offer her clients unparalleled access to leading edge data sources, analytical and planning tools, and the interdisciplinary expertise critical to successful climate change adaptation planning.


Cultivating Resilience, LLC offers the following services related to managing climate risk and cultivating resilient responses:

  • Climate change vulnerability assessment
  • Ecosystem-based climate change adaptation planning
  • Adaptive management
  • Sustainable decision-making
  • Implementation advice and assistance
  • Stakeholder engagement (internal and external)
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Development of adaptation planning and management tools
  • Supportive studies for detailed adaptation planning, e.g. landscape-level assessment of carbon sequestration potential, food and water security, regulatory and policy analysis, and community sustainability and resilience assessment.


Some Current and Past Projects

Advisory Board
Specialty Crops Team
Curriculum /Trainer
Co-Director, Resilience Initiatives
Lead Author Team
Decision Modeling Team
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A Sustainable Dining Policy for Warren Wilson College

An Energy Descent Action Plan for Warren Wilson College

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