Nature-based climate resilience for business and community

Manage Novel Risks, Capture New Opportunities

Resilience Planning

We use best management practices and leading edge assessment, planning, and management tools to help you understand your climate risks and explore no-regrets adaptation pathways that cultivate resilience to the novel uncertainties associated with a changing climate…

Climate Listening

We travel the world to gather stories from business, community, and government leaders working together to develop local, place-based innovations that put sustainability values into action in order to reduce climate risk and cultivate community resilience…

Sharing Stories

We blend real world stories of resilience with leading edge climate science and resilience thinking to raise awareness and increase understanding of climate change and community resilience among the general public, community leaders, higher education, and government …

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Climate Change Denial is Expensive!

Climate Change Denial is Expensive!

Climate Change Denial is a VERY expensive policy position.  No matter how the we play it, we are going to have to invest dollars.  We can invest in transforming our use of energy or we can invest cleaning up the mess caused by our pollution of the atmosphere.  One...

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